DN50~DN200 Ultrasonic Heat Meter, M-BUS, RS-485, Modbus, Pulse output, LoRaWAN for option

Date:2022-08-02 15:31:00

The DN50~DN200 ultrasonic heat meter is an intelligent measuring instrument composed of paired temperature sensor, flow sensor and calculator. The calculator can accurately measure the flow, heat or cooling capacity by processing the temperature difference collected by the sensor and the time difference of sound wave passing through the fluid, and can provide recording and data transmission for various applications of heating or cooling pipelines.

Technical features:

Double measurement of cooling capacity and heat capacity;

Ultrasonic flow measurement technology is adopted, which is free from magnetic field interference, no mechanical rotating parts, no wear, high reliability and small maintenance;

Adopt straight pipe structure, with small pressure loss and no blockage

Accuracy level: Level 2;

Low power consumption design, battery life can reach 10 years;

Store and query the data of the last 38 months; Data will not be lost after power failure;

Self diagnosis function (temperature, flow, battery);

Provide M-BUS, Modbus, RS-485, Pulse output, LoRa, LoRaWAN communication modes to realize data remote transmission and centralized control;

Water inlet / outlet pipes are optional, which is convenient for construction.